The role of Enzymes in weight management

In Ayurveda, enzymes translate into what is called “Agni”- our digestive fire- our spark of life. Therefore, enzymes are especially important when addressing body type imbalances with Ayurveda.
Enzymes are capable of creating simple to complex chemical reactions without changing themselves. Some enzymes can process more than two million chemical reactions in less than a minute. Enzymes can also transform some molecules into others to create new molecules. When enzyme levels in organisms fall below a certain level, life ceases. Most metabolic enzymes in organisms, including plants, are killed at temperatures exceeding 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Centigrade or Celsius).
The simple fact is that if you don’t eat most of your food in its natural wholesome raw state then you are not getting the enzymes to support your digestive system, along with all the other vital body functions. Without enzymes there are no bodily functions; even vitamin and minerals cannot do their work. Foods cooked above 118 degrees Fahrenheit (48 degrees Celsius) have zero enzymes. To digest cooked, enzyme-depleted food, your body must use essential metabolic enzymes. Metabolic enzymes are needed for the proper elimination and healthy assimilation of vitamins and minerals. They are crucial for regeneration of cells and tissues.
The Vicious Circle for weight gain:

If your body is starved for the vital energy of enzymes then it will crave more energy. The only way the body knows to get more energy is to eat. This happens through the feeling of hunger. Overeating happens while attempting to satisfy this endless hunger. However, the body doesn’t miss calories but vital life energy which is derived from vitamins and minerals, which are mostly lacking in the standard Western diet.
In essence, most people end up eating more of what created the imbalance in the first place: dead, calorie-rich, fattening, enzyme-free foods. This continues the destructive circle of food cravings. The only way out of this disparaging condition is by eating nutrient-rich life foods full of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.

To overcome the deficiency of nutrients that support enzymes in our body.

Daily intake of natural dietary sources of amylase include all raw fruits and vegetables, sprouted seeds, raw nuts, whole grains, dry fruits ( a handful ) and legumes.

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