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Animal Rights Activists champion the humane treatment of animals. And not just cute, cuddly ones. Though your work helps companion animals like dogs and cats, it also benefits exotic animals like elephants and tigers, lab animals like frogs and mice, farm animals like cows, as well as endangered sea creatures and rainforest insects. Animal rights extend across species lines and, as an Animal Rights Activist, you don’t discriminate between different kinds of animals. They all deserve ethical treatment.


So, does becoming an Animal Rights Activist mean you will picket on the streets, chant with a crowd, and hand out informational pamphlets to anyone who passes by? Yes and no. Some Animal Rights Activists choose this path, and if you follow suit, you do it to raise awareness. Sometimes, it takes getting loud and getting in people’s faces to make them realize, for instance, that the chickens they rely on for their morning eggs are never allowed outside of their cages and, therefore, are not living healthy lives.


A lot of people start their careers in these types of outreach functions, but many also work in other capacities. So don’t worry if you’re shy but still passionate about animal rights-there are plenty of options for you that don’t involve a bullhorn.


Behind-the-scenes roles in animal rights organizations are just as important as those that require you to canvass the streets. Associations like the Humane Society of India, FIAPO, Animal Unlimited, PETA, etc need Business Analysts, Writers, Marketing Managers, Event Coordinators, and other employees to keep their doors open and their message going strong.


From shopping compassionately to cooking delicious vegan meals for friends, acting to help animals can be easy and fun!