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Everyday Activism

T-Shirt Activism

Activism doesn’t necessarily have to be protesting or confronting all the time. You can simply ditch your regular tees and display an animal-friendly message instead! Use your trip to the store, office, or anywhere else to proudly express pro-animal messages.


Sticker Activism

Stuck in a jam? Give other drivers something to read besides your license plate. Make that drive to work count: Put a bumper sticker (more than two is too many) on your car.



Take literature with you wherever you go and leave it everywhere—at the waiting rooms, on the plane, or in dressing rooms, bookstores, coffee shops, and grocery stores. Never pass a bulletin board without tacking up a leaflet or poster. How much easier can it get?


Button/Sticker Activism

Engage in button and sticker activism. Wear compassion on your sleeve (or backpack or hat). It’s amazing how effective simple activities can be. Quick and easy actions like these can help you get your message to dozens of people every day. You’ll be amazed by the conversations that one little button or sticker can start! It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people.



Make your refrigerator into a billboard for animals. Magnets, posters, and stickers are always great things to put in the kitchen, especially if yours is often visited by nonvegans.



Chalktivism is a fun form of activism that involves spreading your messages through chalk! Chalking or chalktivism can be done by anyone, any time and pretty much anywhere. Most other forms of effective activism require a fair bit of prep, equipment and usually an organized group of people. Whilst chalking in a group is a lot more fun, one can totally do it alone and easily fit it into one’s daily routine.