Achieve your ideal weight in just 3 easy steps – The Ayurveda way!

We all have our ideal weight according to our inherited constitution, also called body type at birth.

Step 1 : Eat raw foods, as many whole vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Cooking devastates the ecological balance of the food. It reduces 50 percent of the protein, destroys 60-70 percent of the vitamins, up to 96 percent of vitamin B12, 100 percent of the enzymes which support the immune system and other body functions.

Step 2. Cut off all “Junk” from your kitchen.
The first thing you can do to avoid feelings of false hunger and cravings is to increase the nutritional intelligence in your meals by eating, fresh, home-made meals as well as by avoiding “junk” foods. Any foods that have been processed, packaged, preserved and are devoid of any vitamins, minerals or enzymes, are “junk” foods.
To stop cravings, you also need to eat a variety of foods with all six tastes and all rainbow colors. Make sure to eat sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter and astringent foods to satisfy your body’s needs. Fresh foods are also more nourishing than processed-denatured cooked foods. Fresh foods are easier to digest and can increase your digestive fire, due to their high enzyme content. When your metabolism is weak, the body accumulates toxins, which clog the digestive channels and prevent the body from receiving the proper nutrients from food. This, in the end, results in cravings.

Step 3. Ayurveda also encourages portion control. Eat enough to get satiated but don’t overeat. Your stomach should be two-thirds full after eating your heaviest meal of the day which should be your lunch.

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