“Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world & the world beyond.” - Charvaka

Our modern lifestyles have brought with them a host of concerns that push us away from being in tune with our bodies. Busy days filled with calls, assignments and stress take a toll on our mental, physical & spiritual health. We at Promotive Health are here to bridge that gap with holistic, wholesome and effective solutions formulated by some of the best minds in Ayurveda and plant-based medicine. Our aim: to attain equilibrium, ease pain and live in peace. Join us on our journey.


Plant-Based Ayurveda

Ayurveda is known for it flexibility and fluidity, evolving and adapting to suit the times within which it exists. Gone are the days of Ayurveda being simply home remedies—Ayurvedic practices have always been formulated with a clear foresight for the future in mind. 

As such, plant-based living—an increasingly popular lifestyle choice—has always been the Ayurvedic modus operandi. As our surroundings are composed of the 5 elements, so are we, and we must act in tandem with these elements to maintain harmony. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a naturopathic way of life, since plants are where the ever-giving life force, prana, resides. 

A few aspects of an Ayurvedic lifestyle can be narrowed down to (but definitely not limited to):

Seasonal foods – they balance and restore our physiological harmony

Balanced nourishment – eating the right amount of nutrients from varied sources

Intuitive eating – being in touch with your body’s physical cues 

At Promotive Health, we employ these and additional methodologies tailored to your lifestyle and goals to help you attain balance not just on the physical plane, but the emotional, mental, scientific and spiritual as well. 

Responsible Medicine – We value and honour your choice for choosing us on your journey to holistic wellness with top-notch solutions designed for you.

Personalized & Precision Therapies – No two therapies look the same at Promotive Health, since each plan is precisely formulated to tackle individual issues.

Integrity & Efficacy

We put your health first, employing the best methodologies and the finest minds to help you reach a state of peace.

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Dr Vidya Chakravarthy

Ayurvedic Doctor

" A special fusion of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern, latest medical know-how, Promotive Health & Nutrition creates solutions that are tailor-made for our patients. With me, Dr. Vidya & my team of talented medical experts, find out how to strike a balance to attain total healing for the mind, body & soul. "


Why Promotive Health?

As with all things in life, maintaining balance is key to a fulfilling existence. ‘Dhatusamya’, or homeostasis, is a centering idea in Ayurveda that focuses on maintaining harmony between our doshas and other factors in life. At Promotive Health, we help you pave the way to attaining this equilibrium, while cleansing and repairing your mind, body & soul.

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What We Do?

Our treatments focus on healing the gut primarily before a specific disease management. Ayurveda believes that a strong robust gut is most important aspect of Health and Vitality. Our treatments start with understanding of Prakriti of a person that decides the personalization of treatment protocols. The understanding of the Prakriti is based on the combination, balance and imbalance of the 3 Dosha - Vata, Pitts and Kapha.


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